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Gühring is a world leading manufacturer of precision tools for metal machining. We offer the most comprehensive standard range on the market, featuring over 4,000 different tool types and over 90,000 different items, always offering the perfect tool for complex machining requirements.

For several decades, we have been growing at an above-average rate, outpacing the market performance. From our headquarters in Albstadt, Germany, which has been our home since 1898, we have developed from a manufacturer of twist drills into a complete supplier. As part of this, 8,000 employees in 48 countries at 70 production sites work to develop, manufacture and distribute our precision tools.

We are able to design new carbide types for different applications within our own carbide manufacturing facility. Special cooling duct rods with straight and twisted ducts are produced in standardised, fixed lengths and so contribute to efficient production. Gühring produces over 1,500 tonnes of carbide every year, making the company one of the largest producers worldwide. We have also claimed a leading position in the processing of high-speed steel (HSS) thanks to our expertise in the field of hardening processes. Our own mechanical engineering facility enables universal machinery standards worldwide and guarantees consistent quality across all sites.

This all leads to our tools range: the most comprehensive standard range in metal machining. Gühring is able to cover the entire machining process. As a complete supplier, we do not just offer all the product groups of rotating machining tools and grooving tools – the range includes all-rounders as well as specialist tools. And all of this is kept in stock. And all from a single source.

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